We currently offer Secondary Maths consultancy services. Our Maths consultant is a highly experienced Advanced Skills Teacher (AST), who demonstrates excellent pedagogical and andragogical practices. He is conversant with a range of data management tools essential to support raising academic standards. Our consultant has supported a range of 11 – 19, mixed and single sex inner city schools to achieve their priorities in an array of areas.

Supply Teachers

We have on our staff a range of highly competent teachers of Maths, Science, English and Computer Science. We are working to expand the range of subjects we deliver. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding other subject areas of interest for your school.


One of the key drivers to success in exams is intellectual curiosity.  In our one-to-one and small group sessions our tutors ensure students are actively engaged in a range of challenges to build wider subject knowledge and the resilience required to be productive learners.  We encourage students to ask questions and build into sessions challenges to move them forward. In doing so we support our learners to develop their confidence and demonstrate their educational growth.